This is where it starts.

Hello! My name is Jackie. I’m a runner. I’m walker.

In May of 2007, I went through a cathartic moment stemming from seeing a before picture I had asked my sister to take of me after having my second child in 2002. I had started a process of slowly changing my eating habits and getting out of the house more with my children. In the before pic, I was 225 lbs..

When I was looking at it, I was 147 lbs. At 4ft 11 that weight was still not making me happy.

My lifestyle hadn’t changed drastically really. I needed to change something else. I needed to get moving on my own. After adding 20 minutes of home exercise, which I followed through videos and health shows, I started walking a few minutes in the morning every other day.

Then one morning I came in before breakfast and wrote this in my blog.:

Monday…thoughts of marathons in my head

Posted protected on 2007.06.04 at 10:24
Current Mood: happy

5:45am. I ran today and I like it. I liked it a lot. I high fived tree branches.
I think I’ll take it up. Jogging and running.”

It was a really nice morning and coming home I had Mondo 77’s “Looper” playing in my ears.

Years, several races and marathons later, I’m still running.

You can too. That is what this site is all about. YOU and to get you MOVING to something good.

Most of you have heard or have tried or done the Couch 25K program. It’s basically what I followed, only I followed it very loosely. This taught me to listen to my body instead of expecting it to follow a rigid regime. Tailor your sessions to you. Cue up some of your music and put on your favourite pair of socks or dress up in some fun gear. The second you hit the road and complete your first minute of running or walking, you will be your own athlete.

My sister, Jenn, and I having finished one of our races together. 2009


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