So you want to start running and/or walking…Pt. 1

So you want to start being more active. You want to start walking to start this. Maybe you want to run.
You’re going to need.
1. Comfortable shoes.

You don’t have to get fitted for shoes unless you are prone to knee or foot issues and even then all you really need are good cushy shoes that you’ve used for the gym or for every day use. I’ve been on many sides of this issue, but in the long run, a runner/walker makes their shoe out of their own individual experience.
Test a few out if you buy a new pair. Think of it as getting a new car. It’s going to get lot of mileage and you’ll be driving those babies to a healthier and more active you.
2. Comfortable gym wear.
Jogging pants, and a comfortable t-shirt. Moisture wicking sports socks (prevents blisters, blisters suck when you’re in the middle of a really good sprint or walk and you have no choice, but to cancel your run because of the pain).
3. You only need a water bottle if it is going to be really hot out.
I’m talking above 26C. The problem with continually sipping water throughout an activity shorter than an hour is that your stomach gets full of liquid and soon you’ll find you have that familiar nauseous feeling from exertion because your tummy is so full.
It is totally up to you though. If you are more comfortable with walking or running with a water bottle then that is great too.
4. 30-minutes 3 times a week dedicated to it.
I’m a very early morning runner. Mostly because as a mom, there’s very little time during the day or evening for me that I would want to give up for my kids or husband. I also tend to be busy with other things on the go and my run is my escape from all the hustle and bustle. If you can find time for you to watch tv after dinner, lay in bed, read the paper, sit after lunch, et cetera, then you have 30 minutes there already. It’s just 3 times a week.
I’m known to be pretty lenient with others when it comes to giving a schedule, but we’re talking about you here. YOU want to do this, therefore there are no excuses. For a few weeks you will be taking 30 or so minutes to yourself. This will be your time for you.
5.  Your doctor’s thumbs up.
I’m no expert on your body. YOU ARE. The advice, or rather the experience I am relating to you here is from my own experience with walking and running. I’ve been injured many times and have been on the extremes of both underexercising and overexercising. Use your instinct. If you feel faint, slow down and stop. If you feel sore, please stretch. If something doesn’t feel right, ask someone. There will be links on the site that will either answer your questions or give you somewhere or someone that will.

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