So you want to start walking and/or running Pt.2.

You’re ready? Not quite.
There are several ways people have learned to start a regime like this.
I went through many running shoes, gear and mp3 players since that first run, but two other important things you might want to have to help you out would be:
1. an mp3 player (if you don’t have one)
2. a pedometer and/or stopwatch of some kind.

A. MP3 player.
You don’t need one, but it does help with motivation and if you have tendency to get bored or distracted, music keeps you going to the point of forgetting that you’re actually exerting any effort. I mean, that is our aim, n’est pas?
There are many. Too many.
1. The iPod. This is the most popular one and the most convenient since you can buy the Nike Sportskit for a little extra.:
This is the baby that motivated me to keep going. You can program it to play your “power song” whenever you need it (my first powersong was the “Rocky Theme”). It will tell you how fast you’re going, your pace and how far you’ve run/walked (yes it does have a walk setting). It will have a sports celebrity come up and tell you if you’ve beat a personal record. It also has a great online community of runners. I’d say more, but just go on the site.
The bit of disadvantage I’ve had with it is that since I run a lot, I tend to go through a lot sensors and iPods. They’re durable, but you do have to replace the sensor at least twice a year to keep it accurate.
2. If it plays music and you can pin it, put it in a sleeve or pocket or out of the way, then it will be a great tool for you without all the gadgets.
Bonus if it has a stopwatch.
B. Stopwatch and/or pedometer.

1. Pedometers
It’s free and you can map out your run/walk before you go out or when you get back. It’s pretty user friendly (write in your starting address and start recording), but if you need help, here’s a site that takes it and has a little blurb on how to use it.:

You can save routes, save links to them and monitor your progress this way.
  • Another site that uses it is MapMyRun:

This site is basically a combination of gmaps pedometer with added advantage of a similar running community as the Nike+.
***FOR WALKERS: there are cheaper alternatives.
You can go to any discount store and get yourself a cheap pedometer or you can even use The Toronto Public Library’s Walk Into Health and borrow one for free!:

You don’t really need one, but it helps if you can’t get the above and need something other than counting the seconds in your head while you are running/walking. Most watches/mp3 players/blackberries come with stopwatches that will “PING!” when you are done a certain amount of seconds or minutes.

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